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If you have purchased a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and coarse debris from your floors and surfaces, here are some instructions on their correct operation and periodic maintenance jobs, which are essential to keep its efficiency and solve any problem.


A vacuum cleaner works thanks to one or more motors which create an air vacuum to suck in, through a flexible hose, dust, liquids and other particles of various materials, and then to convey and keep them inside a closed container.

Depending on its power, a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove solid debris when cleaning either your home or the workplace.

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 As with any machine, before using a vacuum cleaner it is always a good idea to read the instruction manuals and comply with all safety regulations. It should be remembered, for example, that vacuum cleaners, both for home and professional use, are not intended for use by children or people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.

 It is also important not to use the machine if the power cable or some important parts are damaged and if there are visible water leaks. Also disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the power mains before servicing.

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Carrying on routine maintenance is the best method for extending the life of a vacuum cleaner. Let's see, then, how, when and how often to carry out the routine maintenance of a vacuum cleaner.

 Each time you use it, you must empty the washing drum by first turning off and unplugging the appliance from the power outlet. After emptying (for the models equipped with the device), make sure that the hooks for the drum/head closure are properly fastened.

 Every week the condition should be checked and the tank and filter cleaned, if necessary. In case of breakage, therefore, contact a service center for repair before using the vacuum cleaner again.


Depending on the extent of the problem, we can either take action ourselves to fix the vacuum cleaner or inevitably turn to an authorized service center. Let's see, therefore, what the problems of a vacuum cleaner can be and how to fix them by ourselves.

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If the vac does not start, check that the plug is properly fitted into the electrical outlet and the switch is firmly pressed in.

 If the vac vibrates and is very noisy, it could be due to faulty suction or an overfilled tank. Clean the inlet port of the suction hose and empty and clean the tank.

 If the suction power suddenly decreases, it may be due to a clogged filter: stop the appliance immediately, unplug the power cord and clean or replace the filter.

 If the vac no longer sucks in, it may simply be due to the drum being completely full: turn off the vac, unplug the power cord and empty the drum.

For more serious problems than those listed so far, contact a specialized center. Now you know all the useful instructions to the proper use of your vac: comply with the maintenance schedule and you will always achieve optimal cleaning as well as extend the life and efficiency of your appliance.

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