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Always committed to the development of new partnerships, Comet has established a cooperation with Ricosma, a company that has been building and selling agricultural machinery in the Vicenza area for over fifty years.

A clear example of this Comet approach to the market is our IDS SERIES, the indestructible high pressure brass diaphragm pumps.

The land in the North-Eastern Italy is particularly suited for the cultivation of DOC vineyards, such as Soave and Valpolicella. But also for the potato and tobacco open field cultivation. Ricosma's target, therefore, includes a lot of customers who need machines and components for agriculture able to facilitate their work.

Established for the production of machinery for all seasonal works - weeding machines, sprayers and spraying machines, grape harvesting wagons, harrows and ploughs - Ricosma has become over the years the protagonist of an on-going renewal focused on the development and evolution of the machines it markets.  


This is the background to the partnership between Comet and Ricosma.

we asked Emanuele Gaspari, owner of Ricosma, for details of this project.

Good morning Mr. Gaspari, what does your company deal with?

Ricosma is specialized in the production and sale of agricultural spraying machines, such as sprayers and atomizers, and weeding machines.

What is your leading product?

We have expanded our range of sprayers for espalier vineyards with Visper, a semi-portable machine which is a distribution unit connected to the lifting arms of the tractor and a 1000 l. or 2000 l. trailed tank. Visper was born from the need of some customers who work in hilly areas or narrow spaces and who need a machine that is easy to handle and practical in the end-of-field steering maneuvers.

When and why did the collaboration between Comet and Ricosma begin?

The collaboration began because of the versatility of the two companies in the production of dedicated and customized machines. This represents a great advantage for the end customer who can purchase the right machine for their needs.

What are the advantages of this collaboration?

The reliability and long life of Comet’s products are certainly the main advantages of this collaboration, which has been going on for several years now, as well as the excellent technical and sales service.

What are your plans for the future?

2022 will be a year full of great news. We are developing new machines for localized distribution and drift reduction, which will soon be launched on the market.


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