Vacuum cleaner, sweeper or floor scrubber dryer? The guide for choosing a machine for floor care in the warehouse

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Vacuum cleaner, sweeper or floor scrubber dryer? The guide for choosing a machine for floor care in the warehouse

Together with Tutto Carelli Elevatori  we have analyzed the characteristics of vacuum cleaners, sweepers and floor scrubber dryers, for a guide in choosing the most suitable machine for cleaning the warehouse floors

Floor care in the warehouse, and in general cleaning logistics area, is essential in several respects. Safety and well-being of workers, efficiency of operations, soundness and care of goods, smooth operation of machinery... these are all benefits that can be achieved by thorough cleaning in the warehouse.

Having ascertained that floor care in logistics centers is essential, it is equally important to know how to choose the right tools; first equip yourself with professional tools. Indeed, it is impossible to clean large professional areas effectively and efficiently with brooms and mops.

We will analyze the features of vacuum cleaners, sweepers and floor scrubber dryers, to help us outline a guide for choosing the tool that best suits the different cleaning needs of warehouses. Each warehouse is a case apart. It has different procedures, schedules, goods, machines, type of dirt. However, these features of cleaning machines are useful in all warehouses:

  • User-friendly - No hindrance to operation
  • No danger to operators
  • Effective and efficient, clean well and in a short time


This is why professionals are increasingly looking for simple and compact machines that can also be used between AGVs, carts and pallet trucks at work. These features are shared by all COMET warehouse floor care machines: vacuum cleaners, sweepers and floor scrubber dryers. 

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Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the first cleaning machine to be used in warehouses when starting to clean. Especially in those warehouses where coarse waste easily forms, and accumulates perhaps in corners, under shelves and in hard-to-reach places.

The vacuum cleaner makes it possible to remove packaging or machining residue of various types, dust, liquid or wet spills... all of which could make the floor slippery and cause accidents. Simply identify the type of residue most commonly found in our warehouse and choose the appropriate vacuum cleaner. COMET's suction solutions are varied and are divided into Premium Series and Professional Series, to please both customers with professional and home needs.

The COMET range then consists of vacuum cleaners with dual functions, both vacuum cleaners for sucking up dry dust and fine particles, and liquid vacuums that also suck up liquid materials and residue.

Some professional vacuum cleaners also have a "carpet cleaner" function, which is ideal for cleaning all textiles and in general rooms where carpeting is present.



The sweeper is ideal for collecting coarse waste and dust along warehouse aisles or even outdoors. It can be either electrically driven or with an endothermic motor.


It is equipped with side brushes that convey dirt to the central part of the machine, where there is a roller brush that picks up the dirt and sends it to a special container.


Sweepers can be man-behind, smaller and more compact suitable for narrow spaces, or man-on-board, characterized by high performance, suitable for larger areas.


COMET's offer today is comprehensive for every need and every square footage:

Push series: 4 different models of man-behind sweepers, suitable for different types and sizes of floors, with two electric and two petrol models.

Ride-on series: 7 different models of man-on-board sweepers, suitable for different types and sizes of floors, with 3 electric and 4 petrol models.



Floor scrubber dryer

The scrubber dryer is used when the cleaning need goes beyond the removal of dirt and debris and deeper washing and professional sanitation are required.

The scrubber dryer allows floors of all sizes and types to be cleaned and dried, thus ensuring cleanliness and safety.

The scrubber dryer is necessarily used on a floor that has been previously swept by a sweeper or other manual systems.

The scrubber dryer works through the mechanical action of rotating brushes combined with the use of water and detergent. The squeegee finally leaves the surface dry.

Floor scrubber dryers, like sweepers, can also be man-behind or man-on-board. The former is to be preferred in smaller spaces and confined areas, while the latter, more powerful, are suitable for large warehouses and logistics centers.

The advantages of scrubber dryer cleaning over traditional cleaning are many. Work time is reduced by as much as 50 percent, allowing cleaning without interrupting the standard activity, optimizing water and detergent consumption and ensuring a high level of cleanliness that is also aesthetically appreciable by the absence of marks and stains.

Also for scrubber dryers, the COMET's range is also divided into 2 major types: Push series (man-behind) and Ride-on series (man-on-board) for a total of 11 different models to meet all different cleaning needs.

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Floor scrubber dryer with sweeping - combo system

They are special machines, often called combos. They combine both the advantages of floor scrubber dryers and sweepers in just one product. Specifically, at the operational level, they allow in a single wipe to remove dust and coarse dirt and then wash and sanitize the floor with the action of brushes, water, and detergent. Like all floor scrubber dryers, they have a final drying system. They are time-saving machines precisely because of their dual function. In addition they allow saving money since only one machine, instead of two, can be purchased. Especially suitable for logistics warehouses where coarse dirt is very often present, even if not in large quantities.


COMET presents the CRS 65/85 Evotech model in the range for this exclusive type of machine, among the few on the market. Thanks to its central brush and patented dirt collection system, it is able to perform a sweeping action before switching to a washing action.


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