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The pressure washer is one of the most effective cleaning tools, great for most environments and surfaces. To increase its effectiveness, however, it is good to know what are the best accessories for a pressure washer according to the cleaning operation to be carried out.

There is, in fact, a wide range of accessories for pressure washers, each of which is suitable for different uses and applications. A vast and detailed range of specific accessories for home and professional pressure washers, indispensable for a guaranteed result in every single use.

The right choice will allow you to increase the power and efficiency of the jet of your pressure washer, but also to respect the most delicate surfaces and materials. In addition, with the addition of certain accessories, your pressure washer will become a tool capable of performing more complex operations than just washing.

Let's see, then, what the main accessories are, when and how to use them.


Spray guns

The gun is the element with which the jet of each pressure washer is actually operated: connected to the delivery hose on one side and to a lance on the other side, it is used to control the jet and, by means of a lever, to drive the control for the release of the pressurized water.

Moreover, the spray guns equipped with flow regulators allow you to adjust the force of the jet, thus modulating pressure and flow rate proportionally.


The lance consists of a rigid metal or plastic tube, connected to the spray gun, at one end, by a quick-release coupling. At the opposite end, however, the nozzle from which the pressurized water actually comes out is fixed.

There are different types of lances, depending on the type of use for which they are intended: straight and bent, simple version with nozzle holder head, with variable nozzle, with rotating nozzle, up to those specific for car-wash or steam use.

The main types include:

  • high pressure lances (straight or bent) with fixed, rotating or adjustable jet head;
  • foaming lances equipped with a tank for the detergent delivery. The suction of the detergent is carried out by a Venturi system at the outlet of the spray gun: in this way the detergent mixed with low pressure water generates dense and effective foam. Professional spray guns may be equipped with a detergent flow regulator at outlet;
  • sandblasting lances, particularly effective for removing rust, paint and encrustations: the power of the jet is, in fact, amplified by sand or bicarbonate sucked by a special probe, which mix with water and generate friction on the treated surfaces, thus significantly increasing the effectiveness of washing.

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The nozzle is designed to spray the water with well-defined shapes and directions: they can be made of brass, stainless steel or ceramic and are divided according to the shape of the jet produced.

In order to choose the most correct one, we must know well what use we will make of it: the more resistant the surface and the more concentrated the dirt, the smaller the angle to be used. Vice versa, the more delicate the surface or the more superficial the dirt, the greater the angle to be used.

The main types of nozzles are the following:

  • concentrated jet or 0° degree nozzles: the water comes out forming a thin jet that increases the cleaning power; it is suitable in case of very concentrated and resistant dirt (for example cleaning of joints);
  • blade or fan nozzles: the water forms a fan-like jet, with an opening angle normally comprised between 15° and 40°; it is the most suitable solution for most surfaces;
  • rotating jet nozzles: the water comes out forming a conical rotating jet, where the drops are distributed only on the external surface, thus improving the cleaning effect. The spiral and rotating movement of the spray allows increasing the force of water on the washed surface.

Pipe-flushing probe

This is a special nozzle with a multi-directional retroactive jet that, when connected to the spray gun through a pipe, allows you to easily remove scale and debris that obstruct the normal flow of fluids inside the pipes. Pipe-flushing probes are also an ideal tool for cleaning gutters.

In case of floods or broken pipes, in addition to the individual accessories, a mud vacuum kit is available with everything you need to independently suck up mud and dirty water.

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Delivery hoses

This is the hose that connects the pressure washer to the spray gun, made, unlike a common hose, to withstand the high pressure generated by the flow of water that passes through it. In hobbyist models, it is made of thermoplastic material, while semi-professional and professional models are made of high-density rubber reinforced by one or two metal braids (R1 or R2 hoses). In special cases, such as those specific to the food industry, they can be coated with additional abrasion-resistant or stain-resistant layers.


The heads have the double function of connecting one or more nozzles to the lance at the same time and also of protecting them from shocks, stresses and wear. Along with the lances, depending on the use or needs to be faced, you can choose between:

  • nozzle heads;
  • detergent heads;
  • double and triple heads, for mounting multiple nozzles;
  • heads for sandblasting lances;
  • heads for pipe-flushing probes.

Brushes and surface cleaners

In addition to the main ones, there are accessories for pressure washers aimed at very specific cleaning and sanitizing operations, such as

  • fixed and rotating brushes, ideal for non-aggressive cleaning of delicate surfaces such as e.g. windows or outdoor curtains or assisting in the thorough cleaning of rims or glass during the washing of cars and other vehicles;
  • floor cleaning lances, for washing outdoor areas such as patios, pavements and walls;
  • complete kits for washing solar panels, equipped with telescopic extension and ultra-light surface cleaner.


Special accessories

For more special needs, there are equally dedicated accessories.

 The joints, quick-release couplings and swivel couplings are fundamental components for safety and efficiency, ensuring a secure seal, long life and ease of assembly/disassembly and operator movements;

  • The filter, made of plastic, brass or stainless steel, to be installed between the water source and the inlet of the pressure washer, in order to preserve it from any impurities in the water and avoid the risk of breakage and/or malfunction.

 Hose reel, from the manual one to the automatic one with spring, complete with a hose guide system to facilitate the rewinding and positioning of the hose; for high pressures, made of stainless steel or painted metal, they can be adapted to pressure washers by means of brackets and joints;

  • Safety devices such as the backflow preventer, which prevents the backflow of water to the source by isolating the water mains from the supply circuit of the pressure washer, the exhausted fume conveyor to be able to use the hot water pressure washers even in closed environments and, finally, the protective clothing, necessary to be able to operate safely at very high pressures.

Download the relevant guide to know in every detail the wide range of accessories for pressure washers produced by Comet.


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